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Specialist Advice for Businesses

Specialist Financial Advice

Providing Specialist Financial Advice For Business Owners

At Eighteen Wealth Planning we have all the skills and knowledge to help with financial planning for business owners. Our service will aim to help you safeguard your own personal financial position, your company’s commercial health and continuity, which in turn helps to secure the current and future interests of every individual who works to help grow your business.

Our range of solutions include:

Key person insurance

Directors and employees with highly specialist skills or knowledge are key employees of the companies they work for. To lose a key person as a result of death or a critical illness can be damaging to the businesses profits and sometimes its continuity.

Key Person insurances can provide several benefits. These can include:

  • Paying the costs of a temporary replacement
  • Meeting the costs of recruiting a permanent replacement
  • Protection for any loss of profits during a period of transition
Director/Partners share protection agreements

Directors’ or partners’ share agreements may provide for the remaining directors to purchase the shares of other shareholding directors should they die. However, there is a risk that the remaining directors may not have sufficient funds to hand when a fellow director passes away unexpectedly. Arrangements can be implemented to help with any financial shortfalls and to ensure that continuity of ownership can be maintained.

Directors pensions including commercial property acquisitions

Business owners generally rely upon the profits to help fund their current lifestyle. Pension planning for business owners will also help them to fund their lifestyles once they have exited the business. This can be a very effective way of extracting profits from the business in a tax efficient way to help secure the financial future of the business owners and their families. Pensions can sometimes be used to help purchase commercial property and can be considered as an alternative to the more conventional acquisition methods.

Employee pensions

Helping to secure the future finances of your employees.

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